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We created one of the best Generators of all time! You will be able to generate different accounts like Minecraft, Netflix, WWE, Hulu and more. We will stock the Generator with new accounts daily!

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We only provide the highest quality of accounts for you. We are refreshing/refilling at least every day each account type. We have a 99.99 % uptime.. and a custom DDoS-Protection.


Our accounts are near 100% validity, and we offer the best experience and account quality of any site out there. We are updating/refilling at least every day the generator and any issues can be easily resolved in support panel.


We take your privacy very seriously! You can rest assured that your personal information such as IP and Email Address including files stored in our system will be kept in strict confidence and we will never sell, rent or otherwise distribute them.


We are using a custom firewall against DDoS-Attacks. At the moment we can mitigate up to 1000gbps Layer3/4/7 Attacks. DDoS-Protection is provided by FastLayer Networks. We are using the Web Shield XR1.


Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Minecraft, WWE, Crunchyroll, Uplay, Origin, Twitter, and more. ( We continue to add more! )